Utilizing Science to Help Mankind


The GlobaLeader Inc. is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered multi-national company established in 2009 by Mr. Richard Nixon C. Gomez (Philippines), Mr. David E. Lines (United Kingdom) and Mrs. Gina G. Fritsch (Germany).


TGLI believes that brilliant ideas, discoveries, and inventions should benefit mankind wherever they live, particularly the masses. By using our products and the commerce generated from them, people will be more financially comfortable, live healthier and happier lives.


Our mission is to provide the opportunity for improved health and wealth, without limits, to more people worldwide.



The President of TGLI is Mr. Richard NC Gomez, a former Philippine Country Manager
of Nature’s Sunshine Products, a US Company that belongs to the top 100 companies listed
in NASDAQ, an American Stock Exchange. He is also former Philippines Country Manager of
Tahitian Noni Int’l a US company that belongs to the top 500 fastest growing companies in
the US, according to INC 500.

He is also former Vice-President for South Asia of The Network Choice, LLC. There,
he pioneered company organization. He established and managed business operations in
many countries of Asia. While a top distributor for Synergy Worldwide, Richard received
the prestigious Presidential Pioneer Award, given at Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. This is
in recognition of his outstanding field leadership and sales performance.

He became the youngest member of the Philippine Astronomical Society at age 12.
He is currently a member of the Filipino Inventors’ Society (supported by Republic Act 7459
and Republic Act 8293). He is also a member of Mensa International, a worldwide organization
of people with very high IQ. A very active and talented individual, he has helped many
ordinary people achieve extra-ordinary results.