MoringaCUR Plus®

“For Total Nutrition and Protection”

The healing powers and nutritional benefits of Moringa oleifera amplified with all the benefits of PiCur®.


Malunggay (Moringa oleifera) is one of the most useful plants in the world. It is a miracle plant which provides a lot of nutrients, increases energy and endurance, and provides massive protection against diseases. Additionally, it is a mother’s best friend.

Malunggay (Moringa oleifera) is a complete multivitamin vegetable – rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Essential Amino Acids and Phytonutrients which aid the Immune System. It provides nourishment to the eyes and brain, strengthens the cell structure of the body and delivers powerful nutrition for everybody.

MoringaCUR Plus ®is a proprietary blend of Malunggay and PiCur®. Together, their specific functions have been amplified and enhanced.

* Helps protect the LUNGS (Emphysema, Asthma, Atelectasis, etc)

* Helps protect the CARDIO VASCULAR SYSTEM (Hypertension, Cardiomegaly, Atheromatous Aorta, etc)

* Helps protect the BREAST/FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM (Breast Cysts, Uterine Myoma, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, etc)

* Helps protect the EYES and the BRAIN (Glaucoma, Parkinson’s, Stroke, etc)

* Helps improve the IMMUNE SYSTEM (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rhinitis, Psoriasis, etc)

* Promotes OVERALL NUTRITION and PROTECTION Fights under Nutrition and Malnutrition, Proper Cell Structure, Balances Serum Cholesterol, etc)


MoringaCUR Plus® contains (per capsule):

250 mg Moringa oleifera

240 mg Curcumin

10 mg Piperine


SRP : P 900 per bottle of 30 capsules

Distributor Price : P 750 per bottle of 30 capsules


Development of the Product:

MoringaCUR Plus® was researched and released several months after PiCur®, being part of the second batch of products, officially launched on February 12, 2010. It was a result of extensive research by father and son scientists Richard and Rigel Gomez. Both are active members of Mensa, a worldwide organization of people with very high IQ and also of the Filipino Inventor’s Society. Richard Gomez has won several international awards while Rigel has won several National Level competitions as well as an international competition

Our research is backed up by the US national Library of medicine and the National Institutes of Health. It was shown in international media such as FOX news and on Medical Websites.

The GlobaLeader Inc. has exclusive access to incredible healing effects of MoringaCUR Plus® and all of its derivatives and variants.


You can choose to maintain your health :

“Health is wealth! When we lose our wealth, we may just lose friends. But when we lose our health, we lose everything. That’s why it is vital to maintain our health, not by chance but by choice “