“For Total Protection”

(Global Excellence Award – World’s Most Poweful Natural Anti-Oxidant)


With over 10,000 published clinical and laboratory studies conducted in many countries, over 6,000 of which are in the last 5 years alone, PiCur® brings the best of eastern traditional medicine, refined with modern technology, making it thousands of times more effective than the traditional formulation.

PiCur® is a potent blend of Curcumin and Piperine, which have various anti-cancer and anti-oxidizing qualities. With an ORAC value of 1,592,770 (Curcumin is 159,277 effectively multiplied by 10 due to the presence of Piperine), it is the most powerful anti-oxidant among the food supplements out in the market.

PiCur® is a proudly Philippine made product. This is patented in 126 countries and territories. PiCur® carries the Philippine FDA approval, meaning it is safe and effective. PiCur® is also approved by the FDA of several other countries, meaning this passes international standards. PiCur® carries the distinction of being the FIRST and ONLY Philippine made food supplement (CUR Series) approved by the German Government to be sold over the counter.


* Helps fight CANCER – Stops Angio-Genesis (production of blood vessels) around the tumor areas.

(Prostate, Colon, Breast, Cervical, etc)


*Helps fight TUMORS – Induces APOPTOSIS (cell suicide) among tumor cells.

(Myoma, Polyps, Cysts, etc)



(Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc)



(Reduces STRESS related illnesses and STRESS related ageing)


PiCur® contains (per capsule):

240 mg Curcumin

10 mg Piperine


SRP : P 720 per bottle of 30 capsules

Distributor Price : P 600 per bottle of 30 capsules


Product Development:


PiCur® was a result of extensive research by father and son scientists Richard and Rigel Gomez. Both are active members of Mensa, a worldwide organization of people with very high IQ and also of the Filipino Inventor’s Society. Richard Gomez  has won several international awards while Rigel has won several National Level competitions as well as an international competition

PiCUR® is also included in the Philippine Inventors Catalogue an academic reference book published by the Filipino Inventors’ Society.

Our research is backed up by the US national Library of medicine and the National Institutes of Health. It was shown in international media such as FOX news and on Medical Websites

The GlobaLeader Inc. has exclusive access to incredible healing effects of PiCUR® and all of its derivatives and variants.


You can choose to maintain your health :

“Health is wealth! When we lose our wealth, we may just lose friends. But when we lose our health, we lose everything. That’s why it is vital to maintain our health, not by chance but by choice “