Breast Cancer, a Problem with a New Solution

Breast Cancer is considered to be a “catastrophic disease” by the DOH, adversely affecting the health, productivity and quality of life of the person afflicted by it. The country has the highest incidence of breast cancer in the continent, with an estimate of  3 out of 100 Filipino women will contract the disease before age 75, and 1 out of 100 will die before age 75, according to the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology in 2012. It is responsible for one-third of the cancer deaths among females in the country, according to the World Health Organization in 2014.

In high income countries, such as the USA or Sweden, survival rates approach 80%. Low income countries, such as the Philippines only have a survival rate of about 40%. According to the WHO, the incidence of breast cancer is rising in the developing world due to longer life expectancy, increasing urbanization that results in a stressful lifestyle, and adoption of western lifestyles.

Breast cancer, when left untreated, would cause severe damage to the mammary glands and the breast tissue. It would also have a large chance of metastasis, or spreading to other organs, greatly reducing the chances of survival. Conventional treatments would vary from surgical means, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a combination of the three with a large amount of drugs involved.

PiCur® contains curcumin, a substance known for being an effective solution for stopping cancer cell growth. Tests have shown that together with conventional medical treatments, it greatly increases the chances of survival, as well as improve the life of the person involved by countering the side-effects of the conventional treatments.

PiCur® is a potent blend of Curcumin and Piperine, which have various anti-cancer and anti-oxidizing qualities. With an ORAC value of 1,592,770 (Curcumin is 159,277 effectively multiplied by 10 due to the presence of Piperine), it is the most powerful anti-oxidant among the food supplements out in the market.

It helps fight CANCER – (Breast, Colon, Prostate, Cervical, etc).  It stops ANGIOGENESIS (production of blood vessels) around the tumor areas, induces APOPTOSIS (cell suicide) among tumor cells, and helps fight OXIDATIVE DAMAGE (reduces STRESS related illnesses and STRESS related aging).

With the help of PiCur®, and proper care, severity of breast cancer cases can be lessened, and survival rate from breast cancer can highly increase.

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