BauerTek Corp officers headed by Mr. Richard Nixon Gomez visited the Malungay Nursery, proposed Model Farms and proposed Processing Facility of MMSU. They received a warm welcome from MMSU officers headed by Pres. Shirley Agrupis.

Among those discussed were crops like Malunggay, Turmeric, Garlic and Nipa-Ethanol. The BauerTek Team also visited Tuklas Lunas Center and discussed plants that may have anti-inflammatory effects.

One highlight of the visit was the meeting with Farmers’ Cooperatives and LGU representative from about 16 nearby towns. The participants showed eagerness and committed to allocate land and manpower for planting the crops in their communities.

BauerTek Corp and MMSU hopes to launch the DA-BAR supported project in March and have it operational in about 6 months.