Welcome to The GlobaLeader Inc.

Thank you for giving us a chance to help you.

Too many people suffer from various diseases. It may be cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, cardio vascular diseases, or so many other debilitating diseases. We believe that everyone deserves a fighting chance. No matter how tough the battle may be, we believe that there is  always a chance for every one.

We will move forward, day by day, with the strength we have, in pursuit of our mission.

1,000 – Approximate number of text messages I receive every week. I personally reply to all of them.

1,000 – Approximate number of kilometers I drive every week. A lot of people need our help. We will go and keep our commitments.

1,000 – Approximate number of patients I see every month. We hope to be able to help more people.

We have weekly consultation schedules in several areas. Feel free to bring your loved ones who are suffering from various diseases. Bring their medical records if available. For all we know, the chance for better health may be the best gift you can give them.

As I mentioned last month: “We have a moral obligation to help our people. We have to utilize whatever talent is entrusted to us for the benefit of mankind. PiCur® is our way of helping people burdened with illnesses. It has helped thousands of people. We fervently hope that together, we can bring PiCur® to thousands more and also help bless their lives.”