Welcome to The GlobaLeader Inc.

It is my honor to welcome you to The Globaleader Inc.

Witness Science at work.

See how a once  simple science project of a 15-year old boy named Rigel has transformed into a multi-national commodity. In the process, it has touched and blessed the lives  of thousands of people.

Being ill is not an easy thing. It tags along a lot of difficulties. For some, trouble starts financially. Cost of medical care could be as debilitating as the illness itself. The unwanted but necessary expenses compounded with being deprived of the chance to work makes being sick such a burden.

The emotional burden of being sick is sometimes harder to overcome. It is hard to determine who suffers more – the patient or the family.

We have a moral obligation to help our people. We have to utilize whatever talent is entrusted to us for the benefit of mankind.

PiCur® is our way of helping people burdened with illnesses. It has helped thousands of people. We fervently hope that together, we can bring PiCur® to thousands more and also help bless their lives.