The world’s most powerful anti-oxidant.
Primary uses: Cancer 
Extracted from: Turmeric and long peppers


Reduces blood sugar and helps the body utilize natural insulin.
Primary uses: Diabetes
Extracted from: Duhat

SamBaCur Plus®

Cleanses and detoxifies the body from unwanted toxins and excess compounds.
Primary uses: Chronic Kidney Disease, Fatty Liver
Extracted from: Sambong and banaba

MoringaCur Plus®

Nourishes and strengthens vital organs.
Primary uses: Cardiovascular diseases
Extracted from: Malunggay

GojiCur Plus®

Helps with female hormonal imbalances.
Primary uses: Female reproductive system
Extracted from: Goji berry

RLF® (Relief)

Is an all-natural pain reliever with no synthetic chemicals.
Primary uses: Pain relief
Extracted from: Various herbs

PNP® (ProNitro Plus)

Is a vasodilator that can also help with nerve regeneration.
Primary uses: Cardiovascular system
Extracted from: Beetroot